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I often think if extra-terrestrials were to look at the Earth from space they would recognise it as an ocean planet. It is the largest ecosystem, the dominant ecosystem. We are, therefore, all ocean creatures - even if we don’t know it. Our existence is because of the ocean, so it's important to make that connection - to show people that the ocean is not some foreign place that we visit on holiday, but that is it our life-support system. Building that understanding is at the core of what I do.


A virtuous mind and voice in conservation photography and one of the most influential conservation photographers in the world, Cristina Mittermeier has been hailed as one of the most important outdoor photographers of her generation.

Cristina first discovered her insatiable passion for the natural world, both above and below the surface, as a marine biologist working in the Gulf of California and the Yucatan Peninsula in her native Mexico. From there, it didn’t take her long to realise that she could make a more significant impact on how people see the world, and connect to it, through the lens of her camera than she could with data on spreadsheets.
Today, Cristina is the co-founder and vision lead of SeaLegacy; she is a National Geographic contributing photographer, a Sony Artisan of Imagery and the editor of 26 coffee table books on conservation issues. Popular on social media, she is the first female photographer to reach 1 million followers on Instagram and was a 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.
Cristina has worked in more than 120 countries on every continent in the world. Her work is about building a greater awareness of the responsibility of what it means to be a human. It is about understanding that the history of every living thing that has ever existed on this planet also lives within us. It is about the ethical imperative—the urgent reminder that we are inextricably linked to all other species on this planet and that we have a duty to act as the keepers of our fellow life forms.
For more information about Cristina, visit or follow @mitty on Instagram.


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