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Awards are an acknowledgement that you’re doing something right. They’re a chance to take stock, to pat yourself on the back a little and to know that, hopefully, you’ve had an impact in terms of creating change. But more importantly, they help highlight the issues we as photographers are trying to put a spotlight on. Images can have profound effects on people, which can influence opinion, start conversations or instigate change.


Paul Hilton is an Australian photojournalist, wildlife trade consultant and conservationist.

He has received international acclaim for his work on the shark finning trade and was an important contributor to the global community’s decision to give manta rays greater protections in 2013 at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Accolades include a World Press Photo award and several Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.
Hilton’s photography seeks to bring about urgent change in the way we treat our surroundings. Renowned for his work exposing the truths behind the shark-finning and gill raker industries, he is currently working on the palm oil issue: documenting deforestation, land clearing and the wildlife trade in Sumatra’s Leuser ecosystem. He is a member of the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers, and a SeaLegacy Collective member.
For more information about Paul, visit or follow @paulhiltonphoto on Instagram.


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