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Prizes worth more than £500,000
Entries closed August 31, 2020
Winners announced November, 2020


SeaLegacy is a nonprofit ocean conservation society with a mission to create a healthy and abundant ocean. Founded by Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, two of the Ocean Photography Awards judges, SeaLegacy uses compelling media to bring the beauty of the ocean to life.

For more information about SeaLegacy and the conservation work they do, visit www.sealegacy.org.

princess yachts

Princess Yachts is a luxury British boat builder, based in the South Coast city of Plymouth. Princess Yachts is a long-time supporter of the Marine Conservation Society, funding critical research into the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in the UK and turtle conservation projects in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

For more information on Princess Yachts and the conservation work they support, visit mcs.princessyachts.com.

city hall, London

The Ocean Photography Awards gala evening will take place on the rooftop of City Hall, London. With views over the beautiful Tower Bridge and River Thames, it is the perfect spot to celebrate our species’ intertwined, ever-changing and critical connection with the ocean.

For more information about City Hall, London, visit www.london.gov.co.uk.

london bridge city

London Bridge City will host the Ocean Photography Awards exhibition in August, 2020 on a stunning section of the Queen’s Walk beside the River Thames, open to the public. With the historic Tower Bridge and iconic City Hall for neighbours, the exhibition space is very much in the beating heart of one of the world’s great cities, ready to welcome both Londoners and visitors from around the world.

For more information about London Bridge City, visit www.londonbridgecity.co.uk.


MCCGLC is an international mix of architects, designers, interactive storytellers and project managers. They are architects of brand experiences that engage, enthral and enchant.

They’re also an adventurous bunch of nature-lovers who are passionate about the sea, excited to work with the Ocean Photography Awards to help showcase this beautiful and often hidden world. 

For more information about MCCGLC, visit www.mccglc.com.


Since 2003 Finisterre has committed to a deep belief; that they can make truly exceptional product in a more responsible and sustainable way. Product that is built for adventure and inspires a love of the sea – because you protect what you love. Finisterre will be providing ‘Adventure kits’ to all winners of this year’s Awards.

For more information about Finisterre and their mission for community and connection, visit www.finisterre.com.

fourth element

Fourth Element is a leader in the creation and build of cutting-edge ocean equipment, particularly for divers. Its military-grade drysuits and exposure-beating undersuits are used by renowned cold-water explorers and ocean photographers around the world. With a range of recycled swimwear and a commitment to compostable packaging this is a brand that’s as dedicated to the health of the ocean as it is to keeping you warm while in it. Fourth Element will be providing ‘Expedition kits’ to all winners of this year’s Awards.

For more information about Fourth Element, the lasting ocean products they produce and the work they support, visit www.fourthelement.com.

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