Issue Eighteen

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What’s in this issue: Captivating storytelling. Beautiful imagery. World-class writers and photographers combine to bring the wonder of our blue planet to life and highlight some of the biggest threats it currently faces. Scroll down to leaf through a selection of this issue’s pages, followed by synopses of our editorial features and columns.

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Shark fin traders are corrupting small communities across Indonesia. For the people of Alor, the insidious practice contrasts starkly with a heritage of deep ocean connection. What does the future hold?

mystery in the kurils

On a volcanic speck of land in the Sea of Okhotsk, Steller sea lions and fur seals reign. However, their numbers have been in decline since the 1950s. After decades of research, experts still aren't sure why.

the oysters of loch craignish

The UK’s first community-led native oyster restoration project is up and running in Loch Craignish, Argyll, Scotland. After an encouraging start, what does the future hold for the programme?

revered reefs

The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is the pride and joy of the Philippines, a remote haven saved from the brink of destruction. It is a story of conservation action, grass roots pride, and effective and long-lasting ocean governance.

stories from a fertile realm

In the great circle of life, estuaries represent the point at which the circle closes, where land meets sea and this planet's interconnectedness completes. Fertile realms bursting with life.

behind the lens (in association with sealegacy)

Each issue, we chat with one of the world’s leading ocean photographers and showcase a selection of their work. In this edition, we meet Ocean Photographer of the Year 2020, Nadia Aly.


  • Big wave surf champion, environmentalist and social change advocate Dr Easkey Britton shares an excerpt from her book "50 Things to do by the Sea".
  • Marine biologist, photographer and writer, Dr Lou Luddington, writes about an encounter with short-finned pilot whales in the Canary Islands, while aboard her boat, Noctiluca.
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