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Oceanographic subscription: Every issue of Oceanographic is full of beautiful and impacting photographs accompanied by captivating storytelling. Each issue weighs half a kilo and is printed on stunning, sustainably-sourced paper - an immersive experience that allows you the space and time to step away from the digital world. Enjoy!


A collection of captivating ocean images from around the world, both beautiful and arresting. Spread over eight pages, our #MYOCEAN section offers a breathtaking start to the magazine.


Oceanographic is about two things: compelling storytelling and beautiful photography. In each each we run six long-form editorial features supplemented with stunning imagery. We want our readers to connect with our stories. We've been lucky to work with some of the most talented journalists and ocean photographers out there.


Each issue, Oceanographic talks with one of the world’s leading ocean photographers and showcases a selection of their work. Behind the lens runs over 32 pages and is printed on even higher quality paper than the rest of the magazine. We have so far featured the work of Scott PortelliCristina Mittermeier, Nick Hawkins, Simon Ager, John Weller, Daisy Gilardini, Ian McCallisterLuciano Candisani and Paul Hilton.


Passionate ocean advocates offer their thoughts in each issue of Oceanographic, including big wave surf champion and environmentalist Dr Easkey Britton, freediver and founder of I AM WATER Hanli Prinsloo, and a selection of additional powerful voices for our Guest Columnist slot.


Every issue of Oceanographic is 116 pages long, 100 of which are editorial. We work with a small selection of relevant partners and advertisers in each issue, but have a strict cap on the space available - just 16 pages. That cap means that 86% of EVERY copy of Oceanographic is filled with stunning, impartial editorial. It's how magazines should be.


We're building an ocean community here at Oceanographic - people who care about our blue planet and enjoy experiencing great stories and photography through a beautifully printed, premium magazine. If you would like to take out an Oceanographic subscription and receive the magazine direct to your door, you can subscribe above (bi-monthly and annual subscriptions available). You can, of course, buy single issues too. However you consume your Oceanographic, enjoy!


We donate 20% of our profits to ocean conservation, supporting the amazing work being done by our partner charities. It is a promise we are proud of.

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